(INTRODUCTION) Brand refresh and website for Kjaer Weis, a luxury beauty brand specializing in organic and eco-conscious makeup.


Brand Refresh
Website Design


Client: Kjaer Weis

Agency: NR2154
Creative Direction: Jacob Wildschiodtz
Production: Nicole Irizarry
Brand/Creative Strategy:
Meg Crockett, Betina Bethlem

Design support:
Stefanie Brückler
Tida Tep
Malaya Saldaña

Web Development: Edward Dias
UX Designer: Emil Bergh

All photography assets courtesy of Kjaer Weis.

With the team at NR2154, and under creative director Jacob Wildschiotdz, we were tasked to evolve and elevate Kjaer Weis's brand by designing a digital platform that seamlessly weaves commerce with engaging editorial content and inspires its customers.


(BRANDING) As part of the brand refresh, we refined their color palettes, typography, and art direction to make Kjaer Weis look ever more luxurious, natural, high-performing, and sustainable.

While Kjaer Weis' existing packaging primarily used bolder weights of Genre, we used Genre Regular to allow for more flexibility on the website and lighten the weight of each page.

We also limited the use of red on digital platforms and switched to using predominately white, black, and silver.


(PRODUCT PAGE) Each product page was designed to bring a new degree of focus and magnitude to the beautiful products, materials, and textures. Editorial content was integrated below the fold for customers to learn about product applications.


(MAGASINET) The website integrated a new editorial platform called Magasinet, where Kjaer Weis could expand their universe through engaging with personalities across the industries of beauty and art.




(STOREIS) Some of the articles focused on new or different ingredients, methods, processes, and ways of thinking that are unique to the KW brand. Other articles were city-focused guide to finding hidden and unexpected moments in KW’s market cities.




Free Magazine


Yvonne Koné


Creative Blood