Austin Hearst

Invitation Collateral


Publishing scion and entrepreneur Austin Hearst and Candela fashion designer Gabriela Perezutti wanted a unique hand drawn invitation for their grand wedding celebration.

Engraved using custom copper plates with metallic ink and edges stamped with rose gold foil, I created an invitation as premium as the event itself.

The blue willow china played an important role in the couple's romance. I hand drew a custom pattern that incorporates elements of their charming story. This illustration was then carved onto a copper plate by hand as no machine could replicate the intricate details of the piece.

Every invitation had its recipient's name written on it by a calligrapher. I also applied the branding to various collaterals, each with their own intricate details and individual touch, adding to the lucius theme of the wedding.

Unfolding the final piece resembled the opening of the couple's next chapter in life and invited people to participate in this exuberant moment at the American Museum of Natural History.

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